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Below you see a list of "how-to" instructions arranged alphabetically by musical elements and situations, such as beaming, copying music, rehearsal marks and so on. After a brief introduction, each entry includes at least one step-by-step tutorial; broader topics, like rests, have several such tutorials. Following each instruction is an explanation of the step you just took, a description of Finale's response to it, or a description of an available detour to another feature. These "how-tos" are devised so that, if you are in a hurry, you can skip the expository material and just follow the bulleted instructions step-by-step.

These steps assume some familiarity with Finale. In particular, they assume you have worked through most of the Finale Tutorials. Finale's flexibility allows for many approaches to a vast universe of musical styles. Although we can't cover every possibility, we've tried to anticipate as many musical situations as we could. For information on specific parts of the Finale application itself, see the What is… section, which documents the entire Finale user interface.