Staff Controls

How to get there

Choose View > Studio View. The Staff Controls appear to the left of the score containing separate controls for each staff.

What it does

In Studio View, a Staff Control module appears to the left of each staff. Flowing down the left side of the screen, and spaced adjacent to its corresponding staff, each set of controls is basically a miniature mixer, and one method you can use to view and adjust Finale’s Mixer settings. They include the standard volume, pan, program change, and Solo/Mute/Record buttons. These controls are dynamically linked to the Mixer and Score Manager, so changes to any setting apply to all uniformly. As such, Staff Control settings can be adjusted in real-time during playback and apply to saved MIDI files, audio files, and .SMPX (SmartMusic Public Accompaniment) files.

These staff/channel-specific controls are mirrored in the mixer. For a detailed description of each parameter, see Mixer.

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