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New Features in Finale 2014

For details on specific interface changes added since Finale 2012, see Finale 2014 Interface Changes. For a list of fixed defects, refer to the Read Me document that was installed with your version of Finale.

  • New file format. Designed to improve compatibility, the new MUSXMUSX or .musx. A Finale Notation File is the standard MakeMusic notation or music file, introduced in Finale 2014. It can be read by either the Mac or Windows version of Finale. format for documents created in Finale helps you share your music more easily. Older Finale documents are automatically converted when you open them, and you will be prompted to save the file in the new format. You can also export your document to the older format for use in Finale 2012 (use MusicXML for earlier versions of Finale). See Finale File Extensions and File/Export/Finale 2012.
  • Keyless scores. Create scores or sections with no key signature. You can also easily hide key signatures and continue to automatically display accidentals using the Hide key signature/Show accidentals option. See Keyless scores.
  • Beat-attached Smart Shapes. Smart Shapes that previously attached to measures now attach to beats (in the same manner as expressions) with lines showing the attachment point. Beat attachment allows a Smart Shape start or end point to attach to a particular note, beat, or right barline. Affected Smart Shapes include hairpins, trills and trill extensions, 8va/8vb (ottava/ottava bassa), horizontal brackets, and lines. These Smart Shapes in older documents converted to the 2014 format retain their original locations and are automatically attached to the nearest beat. See Smart Shape tool.
  • Smart multi-layer accidental and rest handling. Rests of the same duration and accidentals on unison notes in multiple layers now are displayed only once. Accidentals in one layer are also carried through the measure for all other layers (these can optionally be displayed in Staff Attributes or Staff Styles). See Staff Attributes dialog box/Documents Options - Layers dialog box and Entering multiple voices using layers.
  • Improved percussion functionality. There is now greater interaction between the Percussion Layout Designer and Percussion MIDI Maps, and Percussion MIDI Maps can now be removed. See Percussion and Finale 2014 Interface Changes.
  • Unlinkable Special Tools. Many of the Special Tools are now unlinkable items between a score and its parts. Additionally, the Patterson Beams plug-in can be applied to a part without affecting the score. See Linking Details for Linked Parts.
  • MP4 support. Finale now supports loading MP4 videos. See Movie Window.
  • Improved Scanning/SmartScore Lite Enhancements. Finale now includes SmartScore Lite version X2, offering improved notation recognition. See To scan and import sheet music.
  • New ARIA Player. Finale includes the latest ARIA Player from Garritan, with more than 400 instruments including the additions of alto flute, bass flute, oboe d'amore, Eb clarinet, contrabass clarinet, piccolo trumpet, tubular bells, percussion "toys", flugelhorn, basic African percussion, steel drums, banjo, fife, tablas, Celtic harp, and nine mixtures and string techniques from Garritan Instant Orchestra. See ARIA Player for Finale.
  • Improvements to opening files. Finale displays all readable file types in the Open dialog box. Additionally, MusicXML files can now be dragged-and-dropped onto the Finale application.
  • New method for Finale updates. At launch, Finale automatically checks for updates. Instead of requiring you to download and install the updates manually from the Finale website, Finale now downloads and installs the updates automatically. See Software Update dialog box.

What's New in Finale 2014d

  • Help Improve Finale. After you install the Finale 2014d maintenance update, a new dialog box appears on the first launch asking whether or not you want to submit anonymous usage data to MakeMusic. MakeMusic uses this data to inform the design of new versions of Finale; no personally-identifiable or document information is ever collected, and you can change your mind at any time in the Help menu.

What's New in Finale 2014.5

  • SmartMusic accompaniments with high-quality audio playback. When you export an assessable solo SmartMusic accompaniment from Finale, you can now include Finale's audio playback rather than the default MIDI sounds. This includes both playback through the Garritan Instruments for Finale sounds or other Audio Units plug-ins and any loaded audio track in a document. See Configuring audio playback for SmartMusic accompaniments.
  • Improved audio output support. Finale is no longer restricted to playback at 44.1 kHz and can play at any sample rate supported by the selected audio output device. Additionally, Finale automatically selects another output device rather than crashing when audio devices are removed. See Audio Setup dialog box.
  • Reorder staves. The Reorder Staves dialog box has been restored, allowing you to change the vertical order of multiple staves and groups at the same time. See Reorder Staves dialog box.
  • Automatic double barlines before key changes. This option in the Document Options - Barlines dialog box automatically places a double barline before all key changes in a document. Replacing the functionality of the removed Automatic Barlines plug-in, this feature can be overridden in individual measures. See Document Options - Barlines dialog box.
  • Beaming over page breaks. The Beam Over Barlines plug-in, part of the Patterson Beams plug-ins, now beams correctly over page breaks. See Beam Over Barlines Plug-in.
  • SmartMusic file compatibility interface improvements. When creating a SmartMusic accompaniment in Finale, the SmartMusic File Compatibility dialog box now provides additional options for both automatically and manually correcting possible issues. See SmartMusic Accompaniment File Compatibility dialog box.
  • Updated MusicXML and EPUB export. Among other changes, exported MusicXML files now support the automatic double barlines preceding key changes option. EPUB export has been updated to the latest EPUB 3 standard. See File/Export submenu and EPUB files.
  • Updated SmartScore X2 Lite. The scanning software included with Finale has been updated to version 10.5.8, offering improvements in recognition of beams, augmentation dots, tuplets, and other musical elements. See Scanning.
  • Modified Stave Notation. Finale now includes a template and a FinaleScript script to create large print music according to the Modified Stave Notation (MSN) standard. Also included is a list of guidelines; see Large print music.
  • Improved User Manual. The Finale User Manual is now viewable on mobile devices, uses a completely-redesigned navigational structure, includes updated and accurate content, and features substantially improved search.

Previous versions

For the following feature lists, items that have changed as of the Finale 2014 (or earlier) release are marked with an *.

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