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Noteman says: View the Human Playback QuickStart Video for an overview.

Finale’s Human Playback feature, developed by Robert Piéchaud, is a comprehensive utility designed to interpret virtually every aspect of your score including articulations, expressions, hairpins, and other markings, in order to generate playback that simulates a live human performance. Human Playback will even ‘read’ text expressions you add manually, such as "Faster", "calando", or even "zurückhaltend". (For a complete list of words Human Playback understands, see Human Playback Dictionary).

Noteman says: By default, when you play the score, Human Playback temporarily discards all existing MIDI data in favor of its own (then restores it when playback is stopped). However, you can instruct Human Playback to incorporate MIDI data you have added manually in its interpretation by adjusting settings in the Human Playback Preferences dialog box.

In addition to elements of the score itself, Human Playback bases its interpretation on one of several available styles including classical, baroque, and jazz. When you start a new Finale document, Human Playback is on by default and set to the "Standard" playback style. Simply add some of the markings just mentioned and playback the score to hear Human Playback at work.

Instrument techniques and GIFF playback

Instrument techniques allow Human Playback to take advantage of the full range of sounds in a given sound library, from basic General MIDI to high-end samples like Garritan or EWQL. In some libraries, they can be actual techniques such as pizzicato or flutter-tongue.

Human Playback includes enhanced capabilities when used with Finale’s integrated Garritan Instruments for Finale sounds (or the full versions of Garritan Personal Orchestra and Garritan Jazz & Big Band), such as applying technique changes automatically using keyswitch triggers. See Garritan Instruments for Finale instrument details - Keyswitches for details.

Tip: See Garritan & Human Playback Tutorial for information on how to get the most out of these techniques.

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