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This submenu lists the Simple Entry commands and their keyboard shortcuts. Select the desired option from the menu, or just use the menu as a reminder for the keyboard shortcut. These commands and their corresponding shortcuts, can be used to edit a selected note, or the note previously entered using the Simple Entry caretThe Simple Entry caret is a vertical line in the score that indicates where the next note entered will appear. The next note entered could be the pitch displayed on the caret (which can be moved using the UP and DOWN ARROW) – initiated by pressing the RETURN key, a note letter typed on the computer keyboard, or a pitch or pitches played on a MIDI device (with Use MIDI Device for Input checked under the Simple menu). To activate the Simple Entry caret, from the Simple. menu, choose Simple Entry Options, check Use Simple Entry Caret, and click OK..

  • Enter Note. Use this submenu to enter a note at the desired pitch. See Enter Note submenu.
  • Add Interval. Use this submenu to add an interval to the selected entry. See Add Interval submenu.
  • Add Pitch. Use this submenu to add a pitch using the Simple Entry caret. See Add Pitch submenu.
  • Change Pitch. Use this submenu to change the pitch of selected note(s). See Change Pitch submenu.
  • Accidentals. Use this submenu to add or modify accidentals of selected notes. See Accidentals submenu.
  • Modify Entry. Use this submenu to make various changes to selected note(s). See Modify Entry submenu.
  • Add/Change Items. Use this submenu to quickly change the key, clef or time signature, or add articulations and expressions. See Add/Change Items submenu.
  • Change Duration. Use this submenu to change the duration of a selected note or rest. See Change Duration submenu.

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