Staff Styles dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Staff tool . The Staff menu appears.
  2. Choose Staff > Define Staff Styles.

What it does

Use the Staff Styles dialog box to create, edit and delete various sets of staff attributes that can be applied to sections of the staff. You can use staff styles to set up cutaway scores, partial measure alternate notation, and other items.

  • Available Styles • Style Name • New • Delete. This popup menu contains all the currently available staff styles. Select one from the list to edit or delete. You can also view the popup menu using the arrows next to the list. Select New to create a new staff style. Type the new staff style name in the edit window.
  • Copyable. Check this box to copy the staff style when the measure is copied with the Selection tool.
  • Display in Context menu. Check this box to have the Staff Style listed when you right-click a staff region.
  • Full Name • Edit; Abbr. Name • Edit. The full or abbreviated names you enter for the staff appear in a regular text font. Click the Edit button to display the Edit Text window, where you can enter or edit the full or abbreviated staff name and set fonts and text styles. See Edit Text window. This is similar to the equivalent settings in the Score Manager (but for name changes required mid-score).
  • Force Hide Staff (Cutaway). Choose Force Hide Staff and then from the adjacent popup menu, choose Cutaway if you would like to define a staff style that hides a staff so that it begins or ends halfway across the page (when the other staves in the system continue all the way to the page margins). See Cutaway scores.
  • Remaining Settings. The remaining settings are the same as in the Staff Attributes dialog box except that these settings allow you to select, deselect or remain "as is" or grayed out so that whatever setting is already used remains unchanged. The popup menu have an additional (no change) setting as well. See Staff Attributes dialog box.
  • OK • Cancel. Click Cancel to return to the score without making changes. Click OK to confirm your changes and return to the score.

Tip: To apply a Staff Style, select a measure of a staff and choose Staff > Apply Staff Style To > Score and Parts (or Current Part/Score).

Tip: If you want the Staff Style to copy when the measure is copied, check Copyable.

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