Multimeasure rests

You can create a multimeasure rest (or sometimes referred to as a block rest) many different ways with Finale. One way is by generating parts or turning on Special Part Extraction. This will create multimeasure rests in your entire score, and all the rests will look the same. See Multimeasure Rests in linked parts and To temporarily view a part using Special Part Extraction.

Noteman says: You must be in Page View to use the Break, Create, or Edit multimeasure rest commands.

You can also use the Measure tool to quickly create multimeasure rests in a selected region or for the entire piece. You can change the appearance of a single multimeasure rest without affecting the appearance of the other rests in the score. Also, you can choose to use shapes and/or symbols for multimeasure rests in the same piece, and control when Finale should display the number which indicates how many measures are in the rest.

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