Change Clef dialog box

How to get there

You can access the Clef Change dialog box in three ways:

  • Choose the Clef tool , then double-click any measure to enter a clef change at the beginning of the measure.
  • To enter a mid-measure clef, highlight a region beginning where you would like to enter the clef change, then double-click the highlighted region (or press Enter). See Selecting music.
  • In Simple Entry, select a note, press OPTION+SHIFT+C, and then Select.

What it does

In this dialog box you specify which clef you want to use and tell Finale whether you want it to occur at the beginning of the measure or somewhere in the middle.

  • Show Clef: When Needed • Never • Always. Select When Needed to display a courtesy clef if the clef is changing from the previous measure. Select Never to hide the clef. Select Always to force the clef to display.

    Tip: Use Never at the end of a first ending repeat to set the clef for the second ending without displaying it.

  • Clef Size ___%. This box is available only when you have selected Always Show Clef. Enter in the size of the new clef as a percent of full size.
  • Measure ___ Through ___ • Measure ___ Through End of Piece • Measure ___ To Next Clef Change. Using these text boxes, tell Finale what range of measures you want to be affected by the clef change. Finale shows the measure you clicked in the text boxes; if you’re only changing a single measure, you don’t need to adjust these settings.

    If you want to change the measure you clicked through the end of the piece, select the middle option. If you want to change the measure you clicked until the next measure of a different clef, click the lower option.

  • OK • Cancel. If you click the OK button, Finale places the clef you selected at the beginning of the specified measure and returns you to the score. Click Cancel to return to the score without adding or editing a clef.

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