Change Note Durations dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Selection tool , and select a region of measures.
  2. Choose Utilities > Change > Note Durations.

What it does

This dialog box lets you halve, double, or otherwise change the note values in a selected region.

  • Change All Note Durations by: 25% • 50% • 100% • 200% • 400%. Using the popup menu, specify how you want to affect all notes in the selected region. For example, choose 200% to double every note’s rhythmic value—to turn every eighth note into a quarter, every quarter into a half note, and so on.
  • Change Selected Note Duration From • To. Instead of changing values of all notes, you can change only a specific note value; for example, you might want to double the values of eighth notes, but to leave all other note values alone. Specify the note value you want to replace by clicking its icon in the upper palette. (Click the dot, too, to specify a dotted note.) Specify the replacement note value by clicking an icon in the lower palette. For example, to change all sixteenth notes into quarter notes, you’d click the sixteenth note in the top palette, and the quarter note in the bottom palette.
  • Include Tuplets. This option only works when Change All Note Durations is selected. If you select this check box, Finale also transforms notes within tuplets (such as triplets and quintuplets) proportionally. For example, if you’re halving the rhythmic values of a passage, an eighth-note tuplet becomes a sixteenth-note tuplet. If you don’t select this option, the eighth note tuplet remains the same.
  • Rebar Music. If you’re changing the values of notes in the selected measures, chances are that your measures will wind up containing the wrong number of beats. If this check box is selected, Finale also rebars the selection—redistributes notes in their measures—so that each measure contains the proper number of beats.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm the changes you’ve made. Click Cancel to return to the score without making any changes.

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