Beam Extension Selection dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Special Tools tool and click any measure containing beamed notes.
  2. Click the Beam Extension Tool . A handle appears at each end of each beam; double-click the handle at the end of the beam you want to extend.

What it does

When you extend a beam (for example, to beam across a barline), the Beam Extension Selection dialog box lets you specify whether you want to extend all the beams (if there are sixteenth-note and other secondary beams), or only selected secondary beams.

  • 8th • 16th • 32nd • 64th • 128th • 256th • 512th • 1024th • 2048th • 4096th. When you select these check boxes, Finale extends the beams for those note durations.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm the settings you’ve made in this dialog box and return to the score, where you can now drag the handle (the one you originally clicked) to extend the beams. To change your beam selections, double-click the handle; the Beam Extension Selection dialog box reappears. Click Cancel to tell Finale to ignore any changes you made in this dialog box and return you to the score.

Tip: Any beam not selected cannot be extended.

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