Tempo tool

The Tempo tool lets you create or edit a stream of data describing tiny, moment-by-moment tempo fluctuations within the playback of your piece. You can also use this tool to create a swing effect, although the Playback Controls provides a much more efficient and effective method of creating swing (see Swing Playback). For further information, see the Tempo Adjustment dialog box.

Noteman says: Tempo tool adjustments will only save to MIDI files with a “Play Tempo Tool Changes” Expression in the file. See Expression Designer dialog box.

Finale’s Human Playback feature, which interprets the score for playback and simulates a human performance, overrides tempo settings created with the Tempo tool. To hear any playback effects assigned deliberately with the Tempo tool, you first need to disable Finale’s Human Playback feature. To do this, click the expand arrow in the Playback Controls to expand the display. Then, click the popup menu for Human Playback Style and choose None. For more information, see Playback Controls.

Tip: In order to hear effects applied with the Tempo tool during playback, you must set Human Playback to None in the Playback Controls.

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