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The Text tool is used to enter blocks of text—not only the title of your piece, but also any headers, footers, page numbers, copyright notices, performance notes, and similar text that appears on one or more pages—directly into the score; adjust, align, and position text blocks; and set fonts and styles for the text directly on-screen.

Click the Text tool to display a menu for editing text, the Text menu. Use the Text menu to specify fonts and styles for the text in a text block, to align a text block, apply special effects or shapes around the text block, assign a text block to a measure or to a page, and specify what page or range of pages you want text blocks to appear on.

The menus will display check marks for settings of the selected text blocks (such as 10 pt. and bold). If you have more than one setting such as mixed fonts or multiple text blocks selected with different settings, no selection in the menus will be displayed. Select a new setting to change the setting.

When no text block handles are selected, the menus show the default text block settings. These default settings can also be changed by selecting a new setting from the menu. You can undo the change by selecting Edit > Undo.

You can select more than one text block handle and apply settings to multiple text blocks as well as undo the changes you just made.

Editing inside text blocks can also be undone by selecting Edit > Undo. Changes made while in the Edit Text dialog box can be undone individually while in the dialog box. Once you have exited the dialog box, selecting Undo will revert the document to the state before entering the Edit Text dialog box.

For information regarding the relationship of text between the score and linked parts, see Text in linked parts.

When you click the Text tool the Text menu appears. HandlesA small square which appears on currently "selectable" elements in the score. Handles allow you to select, edit and adjust musical elements in the score. appear on each text block in the score.

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