Apply Music Spacing dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Selection tool and select a region of measures.
  2. Choose Utilities > Music Spacing > Apply Music Spacing to Selected Parts/Score.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to choose any combination of the score and/or parts to which you would like to apply changes.

  • [Parts/Score list]. The score and all parts are listed here. Check the box next to the item to which you would like to apply changes.
  • Check All • Check All Parts • Check None. Click Check All to select all items in the list. Click Check None to uncheck all items in the list
  • Beat Spacing • Note Spacing • Time Signature Spacing. Here, choose which type of music spacing you would like to apply. See Music Spacing.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK (or press RETURN) to confirm your settings. Click Cancel to discard settings and dismiss the dialog box.

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