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For details on specific interface changes added in the most recent version of Finale, see Finale Interface Changes. For a list of fixed defects, refer to the Read Me document that was installed with your version of Finale or Fixes in Finale.

What's New in Finale Version 25.5

  • MusicXML.
    • MusicXML 3.1 support has been updated to the final version from the W3C Music Notation Community Group.
    • The Include subfolders option has been added to the MusicXML Preferences dialog box. When selecting a single folder to translate to or from MusicXML, files that are located in the selected folder's subfolders are now included in the import and export process.
    • Measure number text is now exported when a file contains measure numbers that are repeated in multiple movements or sections.
    • Buzz rolls and unmeasured tremolos are now supported.
    • Line lengths are now supported for doit, falloff, scoop, and plop elements.
    • Finale expressions with a mix of text and musical symbols from any Finale built-in font are now supported.
    • Unexpected symbols in Finale articulations from any Finale built-in font can now be exported in a way that can be exchanged with other applications.
    • Unexpected symbols in MusicXML files can now be imported into Finale articulations if the symbol is present in any Finale built-in font.
    • Grace cue notes are now supported.
    • Image height and width attributes are now supported.
    • Metric modulation arrows are now exported from metronome marks written in the MaestroTimes font.
    • The brass-bend, flip, golpe, half-muted, harmon-mute, haydn, inverted-vertical-turn, open, smear, soft-accent, and staff-divide elements are now supported.
    • Sostenuto and abbreviated pedal symbols are now supported.
    • The beater pictograms for drum stick, slide brush on gong, and superball are now supported.
    • The beater pictograms for glockenspiel, gum, hammer, superball, and wound stick types are now supported.
    • The effect pictograms for lotus flute and megaphone are now supported.
    • The glass pictograms for glass harmonica and glass harp are now supported.
    • The membrane pictograms for Chinese tomtom, cuica, Indo-American tomtom, and Japanese tomtom are now supported.
    • The metal pictograms for agogo, bell tree, cencerro, chain rattle, jaw harp, jingle bells, musical saw, shell bells, and tam tam with beater are now supported.
    • The pitched pictograms for celesta, lithophone, steel drums, and tubaphone are now supported.
    • The wood pictograms for bamboo scraper, castanets with handle, football rattle, quijada, rainstick, reco-reco, and whip are now supported.
    • The handbell belltree symbol is now supported.

What's New in Finale Version 25.4

  • Round Corners. The Round Corners checkbox and Corner Radius field have been added to the Enclosure Designer dialog box and the Standard Frame dialog box. Use these options to round corners for enclosures that surround expressions, text repeats, text created with the Text tool, and measure numbers.
  • Key Signature Cancellation. The When Switching Between Sharps and Flats checkbox has been added to the Document Options - Key Signatures dialog box. When unchecked, canceling naturals are not displayed when moving between sharp and flat keys such as Bb to G or F to D.
  • Audio Devices. When Finale starts up without an enabled audio device, a dialog box appears to inform users that playback will not work and allows them to enable a device from the Audio Setup dialog box. See No Enabled Audio Devices dialog box.
  • MusicXML 3.1. MusicXML 3.0 has been updated to MusicXML 3.1. When translating a folder of Finale files to uncompressed MusicXML 3.1 files, the .musicxml file extension is now used. In addition to the new file extension, the following has been improved between MusicXML 3.1 export and import:
    • Arrowhead symbols
    • Circled noteheads
    • Dynamics such as n, pf, and sfzp symbols
    • Hidden ledger lines
    • Enclosures with more than 4 sides
    • Expressions or text blocks that contain a mix of Maestro text and symbols
    • Parenthesized accidental marks
    • Unexpected Maestro symbols used for articulations
    • Distinction between Finale's two default percussion clefs (rectangle and vertical lines)
    • To see a full list of MusicXML features, refer to the Read Me.

What's New in Finale Version 25.3

Previous versions

For the following feature lists, items that have changed as of the current version of Finale are marked with an *.

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