Finale AlphaNotes font

Created for use with beginning music students, the Finale AlphaNotes font places note names inside noteheads. Use one of the AlphaNotes templates (located in the Finale/Music Files/Templates/Education Templates folder) to use these characters automatically. See Templates.

To enter a character, hold the ALT key while using the numpad to enter the number combination listed in order. The numbers do not need to be held like the ALT key. When the ALT key is released, the character appears. All of these characters can also be selected by using Text > Font to choose the desired font and Text > Inserts > Symbol to open the Symbol Selection dialog box.

Finale AlphaNotes Character Set

Keystroke Character Description Keystroke Character Description
SHIFT+f Open notehead, A b Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+e Open notehead, A a Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+g Open notehead, A c Filled notehead, A
SHIFT+i Open notehead, B e Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+h Open notehead, B d Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+j Open notehead, B f Filled notehead, B
SHIFT+l Open notehead, C h Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+k Open notehead, C g Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+m Open notehead, C i Filled notehead, C
SHIFT+o Open notehead, D k Filled notehead, D
SHIFT+n Open notehead, D or open notehead, solfège do j Filled notehead, D or filled notehead, solfège do
SHIFT+p Open notehead, D l Filled notehead, D
SHIFT+r Open notehead, E n Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+q Open notehead, E m Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+s Open notehead, E o Filled notehead, E
SHIFT+u Open notehead, F q Filled notehead, F
SHIFT+t Open notehead, F or open notehead, solfège fa p Filled notehead, F or filled notehead, solfège fa
SHIFT+v Open notehead, F r Filled notehead, F
SHIFT+x Open notehead, G t Filled notehead, G
SHIFT+w Open notehead, G s Filled notehead, G
SHIFT+y Open notehead, G u Filled notehead, G
[ Open notehead, H SHIFT+z Filled notehead, H
SHIFT+7 Open notehead, solfège re SHIFT+= Filled notehead, solfège re
' Open notehead, solfège mi , Filled notehead, solfège mi
SHIFT+9 Open notehead, solfège sol - Filled notehead, solfège sol
SHIFT+0 Open notehead, solfège la . Filled notehead, solfège la
SHIFT+8 Open notehead, solfège ti / Filled notehead, solfège ti
ALT+0250 Open notehead, empty ALT+0207 Filled notehead, empty
ALT+0132 Open notehead, happy face y Filled notehead, happy face
ALT+0129 Open notehead, contented face v Filled notehead, contented face
ALT+0133 Open notehead, winking face z Filled notehead, winking face
ALT+0134 Open notehead, half-smiling face SHIFT+[ Filled notehead, half-smiling face
ALT+0130 Open notehead, surprised face SHIFT+` Filled notehead, surprised face
ALT+0137 Open notehead, expressionless face ALT+0128 Filled notehead, expressionless face
ALT+0131 Open notehead, sad face x Filled notehead, sad face
ALT+0135 Open notehead, half-frowning face SHIFT+\ Filled notehead, half-frowning face
ALT+0136 Open notehead, angry face SHIFT+] Filled notehead, angry face
1 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+1 Whole notehead, solfège re
0 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+' Whole notehead, solfège mi
2 Whole notehead, A SHIFT+3 Whole notehead, solfège sol
4 Whole notehead, B SHIFT+4 Whole notehead, solfège la
3 Whole notehead, B SHIFT+5 Whole notehead, solfège ti
5 Whole notehead, B w Whole notehead, empty
7 Whole notehead, C ALT+0141 Whole notehead, happy face
6 Whole notehead, C ALT+0138 Whole notehead, contented face
8 Whole notehead, C ALT+0142 Whole notehead, winking face
SHIFT+; Whole notehead, D ALT+0143 Whole notehead, half-smiling face
9 Whole notehead, D or whole notehead, solfège do ALT+0139 Whole notehead, surprised face
; Whole notehead, D ALT+0146 Whole notehead, expressionless face
= Whole notehead, E ALT+0140 Whole notehead, sad face
SHIFT+ , Whole notehead, E ALT+0144 Whole notehead, half-frowning face
SHIFT+. Whole notehead, E ALT+0145 Whole notehead, angry face
SHIFT+2 Whole notehead, F ALT+0147 Jack-o-lantern without stem
SHIFT+/ Whole notehead, F or whole notehead, solfège fa ALT+0148 Jack-o-lantern with stem
SHIFT+a Whole notehead, F ALT+0149 Open notehead, cracked
SHIFT+c Whole notehead, G ALT+0150 Filled notehead, cracked
SHIFT+b Whole notehead, G ALT+0152 Whole notehead, cracked
SHIFT+d Whole notehead, G ALT+0244 Easter egg
\ Whole notehead, H      

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