Symbol Selection dialog box

How to get there

You can access this dialog box by clicking an Insert Symbol button anywhere it appears in the program, such as in the:


What it does

From this dialog box, you can choose any letter, number, or symbol in the selected font by double-clicking it. The currently selected font for the element appears in this dialog box and the category it belongs to is highlighted in the Category list box on the left. If a non-SMuFL font is selected the Category list box is not available.

Noteman says: The information here reflects the Symbol Selection dialog window appearance and function when using a SMuFL-compliant font. The SMuFL-specific items in the Category list box are not available with legacy fonts.

All symbols display their hexadecimal code number in their cell and, when selected, display their character name and hexadecimal code in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Font. The currently selected font is displayed.
  • SMuFL. The name and hexadecimal code number for the currently selected symbol are displayed here as defined by the SMuFL Specification (See SMuFL).
  • Search. Use this field to locate a specific symbol. You can search using character name or hexadecimal number. The window updates with relevant symbols as you type. This is not available when a non-SMuFL font is selected.
  • Category List Box. This displays all of the glyph categories available in the currently selected font. The names of the categories are defined by the SMuFL Specification.
  • [Magnifying glass icons]. Click the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out. Click and drag the lower right corner of the dialog box and drag to resize it.
  • Select. Double-click any character to select it, or alternatively, choose a character and then click Select. You return to the previous dialog box.
  • Cancel. Click Cancel to return to the previous dialog box without selecting a character.

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