Audio Initialization Notification dialog box

How to get there

  1. Launch Finale.
  2. If within 60 seconds, Finale freezes or crashes due to a failing audio device, the Audio Initialization Notification dialog box appears.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to determine what Finale does in the event of a freeze or crash due to an audio device. The audio device is automatically identified and logged in the Device Error Log dialog box.

  • Wait. This option is only available if Finale is left in an unresponsive state and hasn't yet crashed. Clicking this option causes Finale to wait an additional 60 seconds for the audio device to initialize and start Finale.

    Large VST libraries can require extra time to load. If this is the case, click Wait.

  • Quit Finale. This option forces Finale to quit.
  • Disable device and quit. This option allows you to disable the failing audio device and quit Finale. If you decide to disable this audio device later, you can uncheck Enabled in the Audio Setup dialog box.

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