Launch Window

How to get there

Choose File > Launch Window. This window also appears when you first launch Finale.

What it does

Choose this command to open the Launch Window where you can choose from a number of options related to starting new files and opening existing ones. From here, you can also access reference material like the QuickStart Videos and User Manual. Click the button to open the Preferences dialog box where you can configure program-wide settings to match your working preferences.

  • Setup Wizard. Choose this option to open the Document Setup which guides you through setting up your Finale document with a title, instrument staves, and other musical elements.
  • Default Document. Choose this option to open a new default document. Finale’s default document, named "Maestro Font Default.ftmx" and located in the Finale/Music Files/Default Files folder. It is a single staff document with 31 measures.
  • Templates. Select Templates to choose from a collection of new empty documents already setup for a variety of instruments, ensembles, and educational formats.
  • Open. Choose Open to locate and open an existing Finale document.
  • Open Recent File. Click this dropdown menu to select a recent file and click Open Recent File to open it.
  • Import MusicXML. Click this button to import a MusicXML file.
  • QuickStart Videos. Click this button to launch the QuickStart Video Tips where you can view video demonstrations of several of Finale’s features.
  • User Manual. Click this button to open the User Manual you are reading now. You will see the Table of Contents.
  • Tutorial Guide. Click this button to open the electronic version of the Finale Installation and Tutorials manual.
  • Sharing Music. Click this button to open the Share topic in the User Manual, which provides details on how to share music from within Finale.
  • Close. Click Close to exit the Launch Window.

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