Fixes in Finale

For a list of new features in Finale, see What's New. For details on specific interface changes added in the most recent version of Finale, see Finale Interface Changes.

Fixed Defects in Finale 27.0

  • Font annotation. Minor miscalculations of font annotation data have been resolved.
  • Human Playback. The Human Playback Samba and Reggae styles now interpret the swing setting correctly.
  • Left or right only printing. Selecting Left Only or Right Only now properly restricts the printed pages for any page range.
  • Reverse order printing. Parts of any number of pages can now be printed accurately in reverse order with any page range specified, including N-up and tiled printing.
  • Time signatures. The Default Music Font is now correctly retained for time signature numbers and plus signs in parts when set in the Document menu.
  • Document Options and Preferences. Buttons in the Document Options and Preferences dialog boxes are no longer cut off at certain display scalings.
  • Page range. The Print dialog box no longer has a restriction on the number of characters in the page range field, especially helpful for booklet printing.
  • PDF export. PDF export now uses the native Print to PDF device, resolving many long-standing issues with exported PDFs.
  • PDF filenames. An extra "x" character is no longer added after the score name when printing parts to PDF.
  • Print dialog box. The Help button in the Print dialog is no longer disabled when using the Microsoft Print to PDF device.
  • Printing. The print progress bar is now more accurate.
  • Printing parts and score. Reverse order printing no longer fails when any part has more pages than the score.
  • Speedy Entry. Navigating to a measure on the next page using Speedy Entry in Page View now works with all methods of advancing the entry caret.

Fixed Defects in Finale version 26.3.1

  • Simple Entry. Stems maintain correct thickness at all zoom levels.
  • Chord Symbols. The Handwritten document style now uses consistent fonts for chord symbols, and chord symbols with flats are now recognized in Type Into Score mode.
  • NotePerformer. The playback cursor and NotePerformer VST audio is now synced properly during playback.
  • Printer Dialog Window. Fixed issues that caused the Score/Parts selection field to be blank.
  • Playback Controls. The Home button now returns the cursor back to measure 1 when Current Counter Setting is selected in the Playback Settings.
  • Launch. Running Finale as an administrator no longer displays an unknown developer warning.

Fixed Defects in Finale version 26.2

  • Click and Countoff dialog box. The Finale Click volume is now adjustable on a per-document basis for use during Playback and HyperScribe.

Fixed Defects in Finale version 26.2

  • Click and Countoff dialog box. The Finale Click volume is now adjustable on a per-document basis for use during Playback and HyperScribe.
  • Consolidate Rests Across Layers.
    • The Consolidate rests across layers option is correctly saved in the Document Options - Layers dialog box when the library is loaded.
    • Consolidate rests across layers is now included in FinaleScript's import layer options command.
  • Document Options - Multimeasure Rests dialog box. The Document Options - Multimeasure Rests dialog box updates correctly after clicking Load Library and selecting a file.
  • File Compatibility Warning dialog box. The File Compatibility Warning dialog box correctly reappears after choosing Show All Messages in the Preference - View dialog box.
  • Flag Type. Finale retains the Flag Type selection in the Document Options - Flags dialog box when the default music font is changed.
  • Heavy Line Thickness. The Heavy Line Thickness field in the Document Options - Repeat dialog box updates correctly when using the repeat heavy line thickness [#] [units] command in FinaleScript.
  • HiDPI. The Vertical Collision Remover Plug-In displays correctly on HiDPI monitors.
  • MusicXML.
    • Accent articulations in a text font are now exported as accents.
    • Default hyphen and beam distance are now correctly exported and imported.
    • Exact slur positions are now exported.
    • Hidden clefs now export as hidden.
    • Hidden Smart Shapes are no longer exported.
    • Hidden time signatures at the start of a part now export as senza misura.
    • Hyperlinks for measure-attached text blocks are now exported.
    • Metronome font information is now exported.
    • Numerals on 1-bar multimeasure rests are imported more accurately.
    • Parts with no visible clefs are now imported without clefs displaying.
    • Positions of text repeats at the end of multimeasure rests export more accurately.
    • Staff Style changes in the middle of the first measure are now exported.
    • Text in the JazzText, Broadway Copyist Text, and Finale Copyist Text fonts now exports more accurately, especially for codas, segnos, and metronome marks.
    • The Scale Expression with Attached Note setting found in the Expression Assignment dialog box is supported during export.
    • Unslashed flagged grace notes are imported more accurately.
  • Note Entry. Note entry input times for large scores and scores using NotePerformer now match 26.1.
  • Reset Panning. Finale no longer crashes when selecting MIDI/Audio > Reset Panning while in Studio View in some documents.
  • Shape Selection dialog box. The Shape Selection dialog box appears when clicking Select in the Multimeasure Rest dialog box.
  • Space Systems Plug-in. The description when hovering over the Space Systems Plug-in option in the Plug-in menu no longer contains a typo.

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