Score Merger dialog box

How to get there

Choose File > Score Merger.

What it does

Finale's Score Merger allows you to combine several files into one. This can be done horizontally, with files appended after each other, such as different movements of a symphony or a collection of songs. Or, it can be done vertically, consolidating individual parts into a full conductors score.

  • Add Files • Remove File • Move Up • Move Down. Click Add Files to open the "Select the files to merge" dialog box where you can navigate and select the files you would like to merge. Click Remove File to remove the selected file. Click Move up to nudge the selected file up in the list. Click Move down to nudge the selected file down in the list.
  • Merge These Files Into One File • Append to Current Document • Insert at Current Selection. Choose this option if you would like to merge scores horizontally, one file after another as you would in movements of a score. Check Append to Current Document to add the selected files, one after another, to the end of the active document. Check Insert at Current Selection to add the selected files starting at the region selected in the active document. The selected region must include a full measure.
  • Treat as Independent Movements • Insert Blank Pages to Maintain Left/Right Layout. Check this box to tell Finale you would like to treat each merged file as a separate movement. Finale adjusts the page breaks and final bars for you automatically. Check Insert Blank Pages to Maintain Left/Right Layout to automatically insert blank pages where necessary to correct situations where pagination doesn't match at connecting files. (If this option is not checked, Score Merger will adapt left/right page layout depending on context).
  • Keep Each File’s Measure Numbering. Choose this option to use the measure numbering specified in the merged files rather than consecutively from the beginning of the merged score.
  • Edit Instrument Junction between Files. If checked, the Instrument Junction dialog box is displayed for each file, which allows you to edit the proposed instrument linkage.
  • Merge These Parts Into One Score. Check this box to merge scores “vertically” in order to, for example, combine a collection of part documents into a full conductor's score.
  • Adjust Systems to Fit Page. Check this box to tell Score Merger to automatically adjust systems to fit page after merging vertically.
  • Optimize MIDI Channels. This adjusts for duplicates in the GM MIDI channel and instrument setup, for both vertical and horizontal merges.
  • Generate Report • View Last Report. Check this box to tell Score Merger to log any errors that occur while merging files. Click View Last Report to view Score Merger's most recently generated report.

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