Percussion Layout Selection dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > ScoreManager. The ScoreManager appears.

    If not already displayed, click Instrument List to view the various instruments in the score.

  2. Click Add Instrument or select an exiting instrument.
  3. Using the Notation Style dropdown menu, choose Percussion.

    If Percussion is already selected, click Settings next to the dropdown menu.

What it does

The Percussion Layout Selection dialog box displays the percussion layouts available in this document. A percussion layout is a chart that details how each type of percussion instrument sound appears on a staff. Use this dialog box to edit, create, and delete percussion layouts and to select the layout used in the current staff. See Percussion.

Noteman says: A percussion layouts library contains one or more predefined percussion layouts. To load a library, choose File > Load Library and select the library you want to open. To save a percussion library, choose File > Save Library. Finale saves all the percussion layouts listed in the Percussion Layouts Selection dialog box into one library.

  • [Percussion layouts]. Use this list to select from Finale’s default percussion layouts, as well as any percussion layouts you edit or create.
  • Edit. Click this button to display the Percussion Layout Designer dialog box, where you can modify the note definitions and change which notes are used for the current staff.

    Changes made to a percussion layout apply to all staves that use that particular percussion layout.

  • Duplicate. Click this button to create a copy of the currently selected percussion layout.
  • Delete. Click this button to remove the currently selected percussion layout from the list. If the map is selected for the current staff or any other staff in the piece, you must choose an alternate percussion layout for those staves before you can delete the percussion layout.
  • Noteman says: Use SHIFT-click to choose an additional item and include all the items in between. Use CTRL-click to select only a specific additional item in the list.

  • Move Up • Move Down. Click these buttons to move the selected item or items up or down in the list.
  • Create. Click this button to display the Percussion Layout Designer dialog box, where you can create a new percussion layout, set up the note definitions, and specify which notes are used for the current staff.

    Rather than create new layouts, you may find it easier to edit the percussion layouts contained in Finale’s default percussion library.

  • Select. Click this button to use the currently selected percussion layout for the staff. Finale uses this percussion layout until you select a different layout, reset the staff to standard notation, or choose another option from the Notation Style dropdown menu in the ScoreManager.
  • Cancel. Click this button to dismiss this dialog box and use the previously selected percussion layout. Changes made using the Edit, Delete, or Create buttons are saved.

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