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Expanded Edit menu

How to get there

The Edit menu is one of Finale’s unchanging menus; that is, it appears regardless of which tool is selected.

What it does

You can find an assortment of editing commands in the Edit menu. Use the Edit menu to cut, copy and paste music and other items when you’re editing the document. Select a region with any tool that supports measure selection and these commands are available. Note that some of these commands have Closedkeyboard equivalentsA shortcut or alternate method of choosing a menu command, or performing a function. (which are listed in the menu beside the command names); as you become more familiar with Finale, you may want to start learning these keyboard equivalents. See Keyboard shortcuts and special mouse clicks.

Additional options can be accessed by pressing the CTRL or SHIFT keys before displaying the menu. For example, hold down CTRL to copy files into the clipboard. The Cut, Copy, Insert and Paste commands change to reflect the action that will occur. For example, Cut changes to Cut to Clip File—see Copying multiple passages of music to another document.

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