SmartFind and Paint submenu

Noteman says: Paint can only be applied within the same score or linked part.

Use these options to copy items, such as articulations, expressions, slurs, and other Smart Shapes, to other rhythmically identical regions throughout the document.

  • Set SmartFind Source. Choose this command after you have selected a region of music with the articulations, slur, or other markings that you like. Note that the region must occur on a single staff, not spanning multiple staves, and the region must not begin with a rest. Only rhythms and markings in the current layer of the source region are used for the pattern matching and painting process.
  • Deselect SmartFind Source. Choose this command if you’ve selected the wrong region for SmartFind and Paint or wish to change the region to a new source.
  • Apply SmartFind and Paint. Choose this command to display the SmartFind and Paint dialog box where you can select the types of markings to paint from the source region onto rhythmically identical target regions. Patterns in all layers of the target region are considered for matches.

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