Move/Copy Layers dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Selection tool icon, and select a region of measures.
  2. Choose Edit > Move/Copy Layers.

What it does

The Move/Copy Layers command provides a way to move music from one layer to another. You can even swap the music between layers—if, for example, you mistakenly entered several stems-down notes in Layer 1, which you intended to use only for stems-up (upper) voices. You can also copy layers while leaving the original notes intact.

  • Move • Copy. Choose Move to convert notes in one layer to another. Choose Copy to convert notes in one layer to another and leave the original notes in place. When Copy in chosen, notes in the new layer are superimposed on the original notes.

    Tip: To display and work with (mass copy etc.) layers individually, activate the layer you want to copy and choose Document > Show Active Layer Only.

  • Move Contents of Layer [#] into: Layer 1 • Layer 2 • Layer 3 • Layer 4. Using these controls, you can specify how you want to move the selected music among the four transparent staff layers. Select the first two check boxes, for example, and set up the drop-down lists as shown above, to swap the contents of Layers 1 and 2. Be careful, however. If there’s already music in the layer you choose from the drop-down lists, it will be replaced by the music you’re transferring. (Finale warns you if you’re about to lose music that’s already in the destination layer.)

    If you set up these controls so that the contents of more than one layer get moved into the same other layer, Finale only moves the highest-numbered layer’s contents. For example, if you indicate that you want the contents of Layers 2, 3, and 4 moved into Layer 1, only the music in Layer 4 will actually be moved.

  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to make the transfer and return to the score. Click Cancel to tell Finale to leave the layers as they were. You return to the score.

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