File Maintenance dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Data Check > File Maintenance.

What it does

Use this dialog box to remove deleted items from your document to reduce file size, or to run a file integrity check.

  • Remove Deleted Items. When you delete or erase music, measures, or staves from a document you’re working on, Finale doesn’t immediately discard that music. The Remove Deleted Items command permanently removes any deleted staves, measures, notes and rests that Finale is "remembering," and can dramatically decrease the size of your document (in terms of the disk space consumed). Select the Remove Deleted Items check box and click OK. When the operation is complete, Finale displays the results of the process in the Deleted Items Statistics dialog box.
  • Remove Duplicate Library Elements • Text Expressions • Shape Expressions • Articulations • Retain Duplicate Elements With Unique Metatools. Check one or more of these options to remove duplicate items from these libraries. You might want to do this if you load a library that was saved from a different document that contains identical expressions or articulations. Instead of deleting all duplicate items manually in the Expression/Articulation Selection dialog box, you can use this option to tell Finale to do it for you. Check Retain Duplicate Elements With Unique Metatools to tell Finale to keep any duplicate item that has a unique Metatool assignment.
  • Test File Integrity. Choose this option to test the file for damage caused by a small percentage of documents created in Finale 2001. See File Integrity Test Results.

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