Deleted Items Statistics dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Document > Data Check > File Maintenance.
  2. Check Remove deleted items and click OK.


  1. Choose Edit > Preferences and select Open. The Preferences - Open dialog box appears.
  2. Check Clean up file data and Show any file data clean up results.
  3. Open a file with deleted items.

What it does

This dialog box displays the deleted items that were no longer used by the document. For example, every Finale document includes a list of fonts and information about those fonts required by the document. When a text block is deleted, and a particular font from that list is no longer used anywhere in the document, the reference to that font is no longer required. This type of unused data is removed when Remove deleted items is applied. Finale examines every bit of text, compares the existing fonts to the list of fonts in the document, and removes the unnecessary data. The results of this procedure are listed in this dialog box. If Remove deleted items is not applied, over time old pieces of data can accumulate that serve no purpose, which can increase the size of the document unnecessarily.

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