Simple Entry

Noteman says: View the Simple Entry (Extended Keyboard) and Simple Entry (Laptop) QuickStart Videos for an overview of Simple Entry.

Using the Simple Entry tool icon, you can enter notes quickly and accurately with a mouse, computer keyboard, or with a MIDI keyboard. While using any of these methods, keyboard shortcuts are available to select tools from the Simple Entry Palette previous to each entry, as well as keystrokes you can use to edit the note you just entered, or any note in the score. These keystrokes also offer the capability to efficiently enter articulations and clef, key signature, and time signature changes. See Keyboard Shortcuts for a list of these keystrokes. You can also customize these keystrokes to your own preference in the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, and Finale includes a predefined Simple Entry Laptop Set.

Noteman says: See Tutorial 2: Entering notes for a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to enter music with Simple Entry.

Finale provides several methods for entering music quickly and accurately, one note or chord at a time. Another option, Speedy Entry, can be also be used to quickly enter notes with or without a MIDI keyboard.

For a hands-on Simple Entry tutorial, see EntryExercise.MUSX in the Finale/Music Files/Tutorials folder. (See Finale Installation Details for specific folder locations on your computer).