Enclosure Designer dialog box

How to get there

There are three ways to access the Enclosure Designer, depending on whether you want to edit an enclosure on an Expression, Repeat marking or Measure number:

What it does

This dialog box lets you enclose the expression mark (such as a rehearsal letter) or text repeat (such as "To Coda") in a box of any size, geometric shape, or line thickness. If you encounter it using the Measure tool, it lets you modify, add, or remove the enclosure for the measure number you clicked. To set the default measurement units used in this dialog box, choose Edit > Measurement Units and select the desired units.

  • Shape: Rectangle, Oval, … None. Use this dropdown menu to select a shape such as a rectangle, oval or triangle, to draw around the text, or choose None if you don’t want an enclosure to appear.

  • Opaque. Select this option to make the prevent items behind the enclosure from showing through. This is only available for rectangles and ellipses.
  • Line Thickness. Type the thickness of the enclosure shape’s outline.
  • Noteman says: If you find that your selected Measurement Unit is too large or small to work with, you can override your global choice by including the units or abbreviation when entering the Line Thickness, Corner Radius, Height, or Width.

  • Round Corners • Corner Radius. Select Round Corners to activate the Corner Radius field. Type the radius of the selected shape's corners. The larger the number, the rounder the corners.
  • Height. Type the distance to add to Finale’s default height of the enclosure.
  • Width. Type the distance to add to Finale’s default width of the enclosure.
  • Center: H: • V:. Type the amount to shift the enclosure horizontally and vertically, if you don’t want it centered on the text. Positive H: numbers move the enclosure shape to the right of the center of the text. Positive V: numbers move the enclosure shape upward from the text’s baseline.
  • Options: None, Enforce Minimum Width, Match Height and Width. Use this dropdown menu to control how the shape is drawn. If you choose None, you can independently set the height and width of the shape. Choose Match Height and Width to display the shape symmetrically so that the enclosure's height matches its width. Choose Enforce Minimum Width to enforce a minimum width so the enclosure’s height doesn’t change when its width adjusts to the text.
  • Fixed Enclosure Size. When this option is selected, Finale maintains the exact size of the enclosure despite the size of the text. When this option is not selected, Finale adjusts the width (and size) of the enclosure depending on which item is selected in the Options dropdown menu.
  • Use Default Enclosure. This option is only available when you have accessed the Enclosure Designer through a measure handle. If you have specified a unique enclosure in the Measure Number dialog box, use this button to reset the item to use the default enclosure used in the rest of the document.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to return to the previous dialog box. Click Cancel to return to the previous dialog box (or to the score) without making any changes.

Tip: Choose Match Height and Width from the Options dropdown menu for Rehearsal letters if you want the shape to be the same size throughout the score.

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