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Noteman says: Measure numbers will only appear in a staff when Measure Numbers is selected as one of the Items to Display in the Staff Attributes dialog box.

This tool allows you to define and edit measure numbering and edit measure spacing. (Use the Edit menu to add or delete measures.) When you click this tool, the Measure menu appears. You can create different regions of measure numbering in your score. Each region can have a different numbering or lettering scheme; for example, you might letter the introductory measures A, B, C, and D, and then number subsequent measures beginning with 1, 2, 3, and so on. You can use the Measure Number dialog box to define various parameters for the measure numbering in a region such as the font, positioning, enclosure shape (if any), and incidence of the measure numbers (how often they appear). See Measure numbers.

When you click this tool, a ClosedhandleA small square which appears on currently "selectable" elements in the score. Handles allow you to select, edit and adjust musical elements in the score. appears on every barline; drag a barline handle (or drag within the measure) to make the measure wider or narrower. You can also double-click a measure to display the Measure Attributes dialog box, where you can specify a number of measure-specific parameters: the barline type, whether or not you want the key or time signature to appear, and so on.

If you’ve used the Music Spacing command on a measure, it displays two handles on the barline. If you click the second one, Finale displays a beat chart above the measure—a set of handles you can drag to change the horizontal positions of the beats in all staves at once. See Beat positions.

Finally, if you’ve selected Allow horizontal split points in the Measure Attributes dialog box for a measure, it displays three handles on the right barline. If you click the bottom handle, a special rectangle appears, in which you can designate permissible split points for the measure—places where Finale may break the measure over a system break if it’s too long to fit on the line. See Measures.

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