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Plug-ins extend abilities to the existing program and are often written as separate applications by various engineers. All of Finale's Plug-ins are available under the Plug-ins menu.


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Plug-ins menu



Auto-Dynamic Placement Plug-in

Finale Script

FinaleScriptâ„¢ plug-in

FinaleScript Options dialog box


Auto Slur Melismas

Clear Lyric Positioning


Automatic Barlines

Clear Measure # Positioning

Create Coda System

Merge Measures

Mid-Measure Repeats

Number Repeated Measures

Split Measure


Change Fonts

Command Line

Count Items

Note, Beam and Rest Editing

Beam Over Barlines

Beam Over Barlines

Patterson Beams


AlphaNotes – Northern European

Cautionary Accidentals

Change Noteheads

Change to Default Whole Rests

Change to Real Whole Rests

Check Region for Durations

Classic Eighth Beams

Flat Beams Plug-in, Flat Beams (Remove)

Ledger Lines (Hide) Plug-in, Ledger Lines (Show)

Midline Stem Direction

Move Rests

Notes and Rests (Hide) Plug-in, Notes and Rests (Show)

Resize Noteheads

Rhythmic Subdivisions

Single Pitch

Slash Flagged Grace Notes Plug-in, Slash Flagged Grace Notes (Remove)

Voice 2 to Layer


Apply Human Playback

Scoring and Arranging

Composer's Assistant

Chord Morphing

Chord Realization

Chord Reordering

Chord Splitting

Common Tone Transposition

Frequency Modulation Chord Generator

Melodic Morphing

Rhythm Generator

Tie Common Notes

Virtual Fundamental Generator

Add Cue Notes

Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing

Canonic Utilities

Check Range

Chord Analysis

Drum Groove

Find Parallel Motion

Find Range

Global Staff Attributes

Latin Percussion

Piano Reduction

Score System Divider

Smart Cue Notes

Smart page Turns

Space Systems

Split Point

Vertical Collision Remover

TG Tools

Align/Move Dynamics

Create Handbells Used Chart

Cross Staff

Easy Harmonics

Easy Tremolos

Menu Shortcuts

Modify Rests

Process Extracted Parts

Smart Playback

Smart Split Point


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