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Smart Playback Plug-in

How to get there

  1. Select a region with the Selection tool .
  2. Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Smart Playback.

What it does

The Smart Playback plug-in adds a playback effect to selected musical elements, such as glissandi, hairpins and trills. The plug-in must be run after the items have been added to the score. When any of these items change, you must run the plug-in again. Also, when notes are changed, all playback effects, except hairpins, need to be renewed by running the plug-in again.

The Smart Playback plug-in creates playback for the following items:

Musical Element

Method of Creating Playback Effect

SmartShape Glissandi

Continuous Data Pitch Bend (maximum of one octave)

SmartShape Hairpin Crescendos/Decrescendos

Continuous Data Volume changes

SmartShape Trill

Hidden notes added to layer 4

Articulation Trill

Hidden notes added to layer 4

Note that the Smart Playback plug-in will not create playback effects for tremolos created by adjusting beam extensions, such as the Easy Tremolos plug-in.

Note. Human Playback interprets and performs Smart Shapes and other markings during playback automatically. See Human Playback. To hear changes to the MIDI playback definition (such as those applies with this plug-in), you must first set Human Playback to None in the Playback Settings dialog box or check the Override Human Playback option at the top of the Smart Playback plug-in.



Trills etc.:




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