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Easy Tremolos Plug-in

How to get there

  1. Select a region with the Selection tool .
  2. Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Easy Tremolos.

What it does

The Easy Tremolos plug-in allows you to easily create tremolos for display and playback. First enter the notes so they fit into the measure without the tremolo. The Easy Tremolos plug-in converts any two consecutive identical pitches into a tremolo. The tremolo’s note durations are doubled:





Some options enable fine-tuning tremolo notation (such as the number of beams). The plug-in can be re-applied to change the options on an existing tremolo: for example, to change the number of beams or add playback notes. The plug-in won’t revert tremolos back to normal notes.

If you want to convert a specific pair of notes or chords within a measure, use Partial Measure Selection.



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