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Find Range Plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins> Scoring and Arranging > Find Range. If there is no music selected, when you invoke the Find Range command, Finale will process the entire document.

What it does

The Find Range plug-in is used to find the highest and lowest notes in a region of selected music. Typical use of the Find Range plug-in would be to select one staff to find the highest and lowest notes played by an instrument or voice in a Finale document. This is particularly useful with vocal music, when you want to check just how high or low a particular part goes.

After invoking the Find Range plug-in, a dialog will be displayed listing the highest and lowest notes found in the selection. The dialog will also indicate the staff and measure in which these notes first occurred. The plug-in will also scroll the document so that at least one of these notes will be visible (it scrolls to the note that occurs first). The Find Range plug-in always uses MIDI note number, regardless of the Display Pitch setting in the View portion of the Preferences dialog box. See Program Options-View.



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