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Latin Percussion plug-in

How to get there

  1. To apply Latin percussion to a region, select the region with the Selection tool .
  2. Choose Plug-ins > Scoring and Arranging > Latin Percussion.

What it does

The Latin Percussion plug-in automatically generates authentic notation and playback of Latin Percussion rhythms designed by Professor Jose Cortijo. This plug-in uses a highly specialized variety of noteheads for performance indications. Authentic Latin percussion sounds are included with Finale’s SmartMusic Softsynth SoundFont, and applied to staves automatically when you use this plug-in. (This plug-in assumes SmartMusic SoftSynth is chosen as your MIDI output device in the MIDI Setup dialog box). (For a list of Latin Percussion sounds, and how to use them in other documents, see Latin Percussion MIDI Map Table in the Appendix).

Note. All latin percussion styles, except Afro-Cuban 6-8, can be used with the following time signatures: 2/4, 4/8, 2/2 (cut), 4/4 (common), 8/8, 4/2, or 8/4. Afro-Cuban 6-8 is designed for use with 3/8, 6/16, 6/8, 12/16, or 12/8. time.



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