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MIDI Setup dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDISetup.

What it does

In the MIDI Setup dialog box you can edit a number of settings pertaining to your MIDI interface setup.

Tip: To test if your MIDI output device supports matching note on/off messages, open a new default document. Enter a whole note middle C in the first measure in layer 1. Switch to layer 2, and then in the same measure, enter a half note on middle C and then a half note on D. Play the measure back. If the whole note C gets cut off with the half note C (you can’t hear the C against the D), the MIDI device does not support matching, but Finale thinks it does - uncheck Match On/Off. If the whole note C continues to play over the barline, the MIDI device supports matching, but Finale thinks it doesn’t - check Match On/Off. If you can hear the C against the D, and they both cut off at the same time, Finale is setup correctly.Advanced. Click the Advanced button to expand the dialog box for more than one device.

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