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Composer’s Assistant Plug-ins

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins> Scoring and Arranging > Composer’s Assistant.

What it does

These plug-ins provide a starting point for composition. The Composer’s Assistant plug-ins are as follows: Chord Morphing, Chord Realization, Chord Reordering, Chord Splitting, Common Tone Transposition, Frequency Modulation Chord Generator, Melodic Morphing, Rhythm Generator, Tie Common Notes and Virtual Fundamental Generator. You can also use the Import From OpenMusic. and Export to OpenMusic plug-ins to transfer data between Finale and OpenMusic™.           

As an experiment, generate a sequence of chords via the Common Tone Transposition plug in, run it through the Chord Reordering plug-in, run it through the Tie Common Notes plug-in, and play it back at a slow tempo on a string patch.


Chord Morphing

Chord Realization

Chord Reordering

Chord Splitting

Common Tone Transposition

Frequency Modulation Chord Generator

Melodic Morphing

Rhythm Generator

Tie Common Notes

Virtual Fundamental Generator


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