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Vertical Collision Remover plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins > Scoring and Arranging > Vertical Collision Remover. This plug-in will process the entire document unless a region is selected with the Selection tool, in which case changes will be applied to all systems in the selected region (including partially selected systems).

What it does

This plug-in allows you to automatically reformat the vertical positioning of staves, systems, and instrument groups to avoid collision of notes, articulations, smart shapes and other items. This plug-in can also be used to manually adjust the vertical spacing of systems, instrument groups, and staves both in conjunction with the automatic collision remover options, or independently. This plug-in is particularly useful after switching to Page View after creating a document in Scroll or Studio View - where it is difficult to predict where these vertical collisions will occur.

Note. For files with only one system per page, this plug-in will not expand the system beyond the bottom page margin. If the desired collision removal and spacing between staves cannot be achieved, you may need to change your system scaling or increase your page size.

The speed of this plug-in depends on the size and complexity of the score as many calculations are processed to account for the position of every score element.

Main Options:

In the text boxes, provide the specific amount of vertical space required between systems, instrument groups, or staves. Or, click and drag the slider to specify these values. The units of measurement are whatever you’ve selected using the Measurement Units submenu under the Edit menu. Check Do Not Change to maintain existing spacing for systems, instrument groups, or other staves (controls for that item will be grayed out). If the active document contains only one staff per system, only the Systems controls will be available. If the active document contains two or more staves per system, but no instrument groups, the Instrument Groups controls will not be available.




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