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Apply Human Playback plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins > Playback > Apply Human Playback.

What it does

This plug-in allows you to apply a Human Playback style, or specific elements of Human Playback to regions of your document. For example, if a latin section appears in the middle of your jazz score, use this plug-in to apply the Jazz style for most of the piece, and the Latin style for just the latin section. In addition to applying one of the preset styles, you can use the additional settings to ‘fine tune’ playback in many ways using all of the same options available for Human Playback available in the Playback Settings Dialog box.

When you have customized the settings to your preferences, click Apply and this plug-in adds the MIDI data to the region you have selected (as if you had played back this region with Human Playback on and recorded the MIDI data). Note that existing MIDI data in the selected region is overwritten when you apply this plug-in. Global (program-wide) settings can be made for all regions you edit with this plug-in in the Apply Human Playback Preferences dialog box. This plug-in cannot be applied to partial measures.



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