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Plug-ins/Note, Beam, and Rest Editing

This submenu includes the plug-ins related to editing notes, beams, and rests.


Beam Over Barlines

Beam Over Barlines

Patterson Beams


AlphaNotes – Northern European

Cautionary Accidentals

Change Noteheads

Change to Default Whole Rests

Change to Real Whole Rests

Check Region for Durations

Classic Eighth Beams

Flat Beams Plug-in, Flat Beams (Remove)

Ledger Lines (Hide) Plug-in, Ledger Lines (Show)

Midline Stem Direction

Move Rests

Notes and Rests (Hide) Plug-in, Notes and Rests (Show)

Resize Noteheads

Rhythmic Subdivisions

Single Pitch

Slash Flagged Grace Notes Plug-in, Slash Flagged Grace Notes (Remove)

Voice 2 to Layer


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