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Rhythmic Subdivisions Plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins > Note, Beam, and Rest Editing > Rhythmic Subdivisions.

What it does

The Rhythmic Subdivisions plug-in provides a method of easily entering measures of repeated notes. The Rhythmic Subdivisions plug-in will go through all the note entries in the selected region, subdividing those entries into a smaller rhythmic value. The result will be a number of repeating note entries replacing the original entry. If you wish, you may specify that only entries with a certain range of rhythmic durations should be effected by the Rhythmic Subdivisions command.

The two following examples show how the Rhythmic Subdivisions plug-in works. Starting with a selection as follows:

The Equal Durations option, set as follows:

would produce:

The Rhythmic Duration option, with the settings in the following example:

would result in:





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