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Drum Groove plug-in

How to get there

Select a region of the document. See Selecting music. From the Plug-ins menu, choose Scoring and Arranging, and then Drum Groove.

What it does

The Drum Groove plug-in allows you to add a percussion part to the document containing one of many available rhythms, or “Drum Grooves”. These drum grooves include percussion notation along with a corresponding percussion layout.

Note. The Drum Groove folder is located in the MakeMusic/Finale 2012/Plug-ins folder (not the Component Files folder as indicated in the static text of the dialog box–see Finale Installation Details for the full path on your system).

The Drum Groove plug-in does not read MIDI data on any channel other than channel 10. If a MIDI file contains percussion notation in a channel other than 10, open the file in Finale (or another program that supports MIDI editing) and change the staff (or track) containing the percussion notation to channel 10.



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