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Choosing the best scanner for SmartScore

Scanning and importing sheet music

Using your scanner's software to scan sheet music for Finale import

Third-party scanning software (ScanVue)

Importing scanned TIFF files

Scroll View

Search and replace

Selecting music

Selecting a region of measures

Selecting a large region without scrolling

Shape Designer

Entering the Shape Designer

Creating a shape

Shape note music

Simple Entry

Using a mouse to enter music

Using your computer keyboard to enter music (Simple Entry)



Creating a note-attached slur

Moving, reshaping, or deleting Smart Shape slurs

Changing a note-attached slur’s direction

Defining Slur Contour (height and shape) settings for note-attached slurs

Defining Slur Placement settings for note-attached slurs

Defining Slur System Break settings

Defining Slur Thickness

Copying Smart Shape slurs


Creating a solo assessment file without accompaniment

Creating a solo assessment file with accompaniment

Creating a new SmartMusic ensemble file

Creating a new SmartMusic solo with accompaniment

Creating a solo assessment file from a Finale exercise

Preparing a file for SmartMusic

SmartMusic Compatibility Guidelines

SmartMusic Performance Markers

Adding SmartMusic performance markers

Adding SmartMusic performance markers as expressions

Adding pause markers for a SmartMusic Accompaniment

Defining and add pause markers manually with the Expression Tool

Adding pause markers for ritardandos or rallentandos

Pausing for accompaniment rests or held notes

Adding pause markers for fermatas

Adding pause markers for cadenzas

Repeat Markers for SmartMusic Accompaniments

SMPTE and MIDI Time Code

Snapping to grids and guides

Snapping items to a grid or guide

Setting up a grid

Setting up guides


Sound Maps

Speedy Entry

Split points

Specifying a fixed split point

Specifying a movable split point (Transcription Mode only)

Correcting split point errors


Staccato marks

Defining a staccato mark for playback

Creating staccato playback with the MIDI Tool

Staff groups

Staff handles

Staff Tool: Staff handles in page view

Selecting staves

Working with staff groups

Staff lines

Specifying the number of lines for a staff

Setting the staff line thickness

Staff names

Creating or edit a staff name

Repositioning staff names (globally)

Repositioning staff names (individually)

Setting the initial font for staff names

Hiding a staff name (full score)

Staff size

Staff styles

Creating a staff style

Editing a staff style

Applying a staff style

Clearing staff styles from a measure region

Clearing a staff style

Deleting a staff style definition

Creating a staff style metatool

Applying a staff style metatool

Loading a staff style library

Saving a staff style library

Displaying a staff differently in one part than another

Start and stop times

Editing the start and stop times of selected notes

Erasing Start and Stop Time editing done with the MIDI Tool

Copying Start and Stop Time editing done with the MIDI Tool

Creating a legato playback


Adding or insert a single staff

Moving staves

Deleting staves

Adding evenly spaced staves

Spacing existing staves evenly

Hiding empty staves

Hiding (or showing) staff-related items

Recovering deleted staves

Setting the attributes for a staff

Reordering Instrument staves

Stemless notes

Creating stemless notes globally

Creating stemless notes, note-by-note


Flipping a stem (Speedy Entry)

Flipping a stem (Simple Entry)

Flipping all stems in a region in one direction

Changing “frozen” stems back to variable-direction stems

Changing stem lengths, note by note

Changing stem lengths globally

Changing the position of the stem relative to its notehead

Changing the thickness of stems

Drawing completely new shapes for stems

Creating a double or split stem

Creating reverse stems

Copying custom stemming to other measures

Removing custom stemming from a region

Studio View


Notating swing performances (HyperScribe)

Notating swing performances (Transcription Mode)

Defining swing playback manually


System (line) break


Indenting or move a system

Forcing a system onto the next page

Reducing or enlarge a system


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