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To define Slur Thickness

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif. The Smart Shape menu appears.
  2. From the Smart Shape > Smart Slur Options. The Smart Slur Options dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a number (in a measurement unit you’ve selected) into the Slur Thickness text boxes to specify the desired line thickness and shape of all slurs. Each slur is composed of two curves, an inner curve and an outer curve. These settings determine the relationship between the curves - how fat the slur is, how fast it tapers and whether one side is thicker than the other (for a “hand drawn” look).

The V setting determines the general thickness of the slur. Equal values give a balanced slur; unequal values make it thicker on one end than the other. The H settings can make the slur taper more or less quickly: a positive value on the left (mirrored by the opposite value on the right) will make it appear to taper more quickly, a negative value less quickly.

  1. Enter a number (in a measurement unit you’ve selected) into the Slur Tip Width text box to specify the desired thickness of the tip of a slur.
  2. Click OK (or press ENTER) when you’re ready to save the new settings. Or click Reset at any time if you want to restore the original built-in settings. Click Cancel to discard any changes you made to the settings.

Note. Note: All slurs you create from now on will use these settings. Also remember that all slurs already in the score will change to reflect these settings.



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