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To define Slur Contour (height and shape) settings for note-attached slurs

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif. The Smart Shape menu appears.
  2. Choose Smart Shape > Slur Contour. The Slur Contour dialog box appears.
  3. Choose the desired Slur length—short, medium, or long or extra long. A slur appears in the Active display area beside a small square handle (the control point handle). The Staff display area shows the slur in proportion to other elements in your score.
  4. Drag the control point handle vertically or horizontally to change the slur’s height and inset, respectively. If you prefer, you can enter values into the Height and Inset text boxes. The height is displayed in the measurement unit you’ve selected. The inset is a percentage of the slur length. Click Reset at any time to return the slur to Finale’s built-in settings.
  5. Click OK (or press ENTER) when you’re ready to save the new settings. Or click Cancel to discard any changes you made to the settings.



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