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To create a note-attached slur

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool in the Main Tool palette. The Smart Shape Palette and Smart Shape menu appear.
  2. Click on the Slur Tool  in the Smart Shape palette, then position the cursor on the slur’s beginning note. Make sure that a checkmark appears next to Smart Shape > Attach to Notes.
  3. Double-click the mouse, holding the mouse button down on the second click. The note will be highlighted and a small slur line will appear. Continuing to hold down the button, drag the slur to the right until you reach the note marking the end of the attachment. When Finale highlights that note, let go of the mouse button. The new note-attached slur appears.

To create a slur spanning two consecutive notes, just double-click the mouse on the first note. Finale places the slur on the adjacent notes.



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