Page Assignment for Ossia Measure dialog box

How to get there

You can access the Page Assignment for Ossia Measure in two ways, depending on whether you are adding a new ossia measure or editing one that already exists in your score:

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools Palette. Choose the Ossia tool .
  2. In Page View, double-click the location on the page to which you want to attach the "floating measure."
  3. The Ossia Measure Designer dialog box appears; click OK.

To edit an existing ossia measure:

  • SHIFT+double-click its handle (Page View only).

What it does

There are two distinctly different kinds of "ossia" measures. One kind of floating measure, called measure-assigned Ossia has a position that remains fixed relative to the measure to which it is attached. The other, called page-assigned Ossia, can be created only in Page View, and is attached permanently to a particular spot on the page, where it will remain even if the "real" music around it changes position. In this dialog box, you specify a page-assigned floating measure’s precise positioning in relation to the page to which it’s attached.

  • Distance from Top of Page: H: • V:. The numbers in these text boxes determine the precise position of the floating measure in relation to the margins of the page to which it’s attached. A positive H: (horizontal) number moves the measure to the right; a positive V: (vertical) number moves the measure upward. (Keep in mind, however, that you can also move the floating measure into position in the score by dragging its handle.) If H: and V: were both zero, the floating measure would be squarely superimposed on the intersection of the top and left page margins.
  • Measure Width. The number in this text box determines the horizontal width of the floating measure. (The Left and Right Offset values are measured in relation to this master width measurement.)
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to discard, the settings you’ve made in this dialog box. You return to the score.

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