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Garritan instrument setup

The Garritan Instruments for Finale installer provides all the files needed for integration with Finale. For details regarding specific Garritan products, see Setting up Garritan sound libraries in Finale in our Knowledge Base.

In order to make the process of setting up Garritan instruments seamless and easy, Finale includes Sound Maps that link your document's instruments with all pre-installed VST libraries. When a Garritan Sound Map is set to the highest priority in the Sound Map Priority dialog box, Finale automatically assigns Garritan instruments to all new scores and all instruments added with the Score Manager. For older files, you can instantly apply Garritan sounds (GPO, JABB, or any Garritan library offered by MakeMusic) to your Finale document using the Reassign Playback Sounds command.

To assign instruments to VST sounds using Sound Maps

  1. Choose MIDI/Audio > Sound Map Priority. The Sound Map Priority dialog box appears.
  2. Ensure the Sound Maps are listed in the desired order and click OK.
  3. Choose MIDI/Audio > Play Finale Through VST.
  4. Choose MIDI/Audio > Reassign Playback Sounds. Finale processes all of your instruments, assigning sounds automatically based on your Sound Map priority.

3rd party VST sound libraries not offered by MakeMusic do not have Sound Maps and will need to be configured manually. See Assigning VST sounds to instruments.

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