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Tutorial 11: Creating content for SmartMusic┬«

You can create your own SmartMusic assessment files in Finale, as well as solos with accompaniment, exercises, and warm-ups. You can save any Finale Notation File or MIDI file as a SmartMusic Public Accompaniment (.SMPX file) and even include the solo notation file to be displayed in the SmartMusic interface during the performance.

In this tutorial, we'll begin by preparing an existing Finale document for use in SmartMusic. Once the file has been edited, we'll follow step-by-step instructions for creating each of the four accompaniment types. If you'd like to review the different types of accompaniment first, you can skip ahead to Saving a SmartMusic accompaniment.

New to Finale 2014.5, you can now create a SmartMusic solo accompaniment with assessment that includes audio playback rather than the default MIDI sounds. For example, you can include playback from any VST device, and even include a loaded audio track for accompaniment. For instructions, see Configuring audio playback for SmartMusic accompaniments.

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