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Even if you’re not using a MIDI device for input or for playback, MIDI data is still the underlying language that Finale uses to control everything from the volume of notes to various instrumental techniques. Garritan instruments depend on the use of many MIDI controllers — for instance, the modulation wheel (MIDI controller #1) — to shape the sound of each instrument. Whenever possible, Human Playback takes advantage of these controllers to create a more realistic performance. You can also use Finale’s MIDI tool to tweak controllers during Finale playback — for more information on manipulating MIDI controllers from within Finale, see MIDI tool.

In this tutorial, we will concentrate on those MIDI controllers that have a direct impact on Finale and Human Playback. This is by no means an exhaustive list — consult the documentation for your Garritan instrument library for information on some of the advanced controller techniques supported by Garritan instruments.

Viewing available controllers

Most or all of the controllers for a particular Garritan instrument are provided as adjustable knobs in the ARIA Player's Controls window:

Garritan Instruments for Finale Garritan Personal Orchestra

Common controllers


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