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Ambience reverb

Noteman says: The reverb control in the Mixer does not affect VST instruments, but only MIDI playback. Ambience reverb is a global effect, which applies to all VST instruments.

Reverb allows your computer to model the acoustics of a performance space, such as a large concert hall or an intimate jazz club. Reverb for Garritan instrument playback (or other VST instruments) in Finale is provided by the Ambience plug-in. You can turn Ambience on or off in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box:

  • Click the Edit button to modify the Ambience Reverb settings:

The Presets menu allows you to choose from a number of preset room sizes - various ballrooms, concert halls, jazz clubs, etc. For information on customizing these reverb settings, see Garritan Ambience dialog box.

Applying Ambience Reverb during playback places a processing demand on your computer. If you are experiencing playback problems, you should consider reducing the Quality/CPU setting in the Ambience window — this lessens the strain on your computer, at the expense of a reduction in reverb quality. You might also consider unchecking the Ambience Reverb check box in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box, disabling the reverb entirely. If reverb is desired for a saved audio file, some digital audio applications allow you to apply Ambience Reverb after the fact, which is helpful if your computer is not fast enough to apply it in real time. See the Performance Tips section for more information.

It is also possible to apply the Garritan ARIA Player's built-in reverb instead of Finale's Ambience reverb:

  1. If enabled, turn Ambience off by deselecting the Ambience check box in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box.
  2. In the ARIA Player, click the Effects button on the right. The Ambience reverb controls appear. Use this panel to adjust common reverb parameters like Decay, Diffusion, Size, etc.

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